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Designer Bio - Sandrysabel Ortiz



Sandrysabel Ortiz is a Puerto Rican businesswoman who with only 26 years old, is the brainchild behind the company Shoe Square Inc. and creator of the innovative accessories for women's shoes, worldwide known as Heel Condoms®. She holds a Bachelor in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the  University of Puerto Rico. 


She worked two summers in New York City as an investment banking intern at Wall Street with leading companies Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Once graduated, she worked with an investment firm specializing in the valuation and purchase of risky assets based in Puerto Rico. After a year working for that firm, she quit her job to venture into the fashion industry of women's footwear by creating her own line of shoes. Simultaneously, she was finishing post-graduate studies in a certification program in International    Business from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Like all women who travel, she wanted to take her closet of shoes in her suitcase and that was when the Heel Condoms® idea was born. She thought: "If we dress up, why not dress up our shoes". Thus, women would have to travel with only one or two basic pairs of shoes and   several Heel Condoms® to mix and match, taking up less space in their suitcase.

In March 2012 she won the award “Successful Businesswoman” by Doral Bank with a $ 50,000 incentive to further expand her business. In May 2012 she launched a social responsibility pilot project using the Women’s Correctional Facility in Puerto Rico to manufacture a collection with more elaborate fabrics. In June 2012, she was invited as keynote speaker at the awards and medals activity at her Alma Mater University. Sandrysabel Ortiz says this is just the beginning of being able to continue to offer alternatives to women and their passion for shoes. In June 2013, Heel Condoms® had its own episode on TLC's The Good Buy Girls reaching millions of viewers. In December 2013 she was featured in the "40 under 40" of the Caribbean Business Newspaper.  In January 2014 she was invited to participate in a trunk show at the prestigious 5th avenue store Henri Bendel. 

Women love being asked about their shoes, just so they can say: "Its not the shoe you like, it's the condom!?" Therefore, Heel Condoms® is not only used as a fashion statement around the world but also as a conversation piece or a simple ice breaker!