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A New Solution

A woman’s dream of having a closet full of shoes can now  become a reality with the innovative Heel Condoms®, which completely change the original appearance of the shoe without having to buy other pairs!


The name, Heel Condoms®, which suggests protection for our heels goes perfectly with our objective: making a fashion statement while  preventing damages to our beloved heels.


Heel Condoms® allow women to have different shoes with just one pair as well as spicing up their everyday comfortable shoes or giving already damaged heels a new look.


There are 2 different styles available:

1) CONDOM: the original Heel Condoms® that protects and decorates the heel portion of your shoe. This style fits thin heels ranging  from 2-5 inches.


           a) Place elastic under or over your foot to keep in place.




           b) Tie the straps around your ankle or foot to keep in place.



2) PANTY: the evolution of the original Heel Condoms®. This style has been designed to fit all heel types: thin, thick, high or low. They can be worn with flats as well! 


          a) Place elastic under or over your foot to keep in place.




          b) Tie the straps around your ankle or foot to keep in place.






We just introduced our reversible Heel Condoms® collection. These can be used on both sides: getting 2 styles with just one Heel Condoms®


Heel Condoms® has many advantages for the fashion forward woman:


1) When women travel, they usually want to take more than one pair of shoes which occupies much suitcase space. This problem is resolved by traveling with one basic pair of shoes and many Heel Condoms® that match several outfits.


2) When women damage the heel of their shoe, they usually want to buy another pair because it no longer looks presentable. This problem is resolved by adding a Heel Condoms® that protects the heel or covers your already damaged heel.



3) Women tend to be compulsive buyers when it comes to shoes. While through this economic crisis the spending budget may not be the same, Heel Condoms® is a different alternative to update your shoe closet. Since these accessories run from $10-$42, it is an economical way to give a new look to your exciting shoes. Thus, one pair of shoes and many possibilities.


Other perks...

-Budget friendly way to make your shoes stand out from the rest.

-Revamp old shoes and give them a new look.

-Excellent gift option as they are one size fits all.

-Travel friendly: travel with one pair of shoe and just dress them up. 

-Protect heel from damage.

-Comfortable wearing shoes for work can be transformed into the perfect shoe for a night out.

-Many women can have the same pair and it will still look like they have different shoes depending how you tie them and with what color shoe you wear them with.